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Donate for Rohingya Refugees
Since Aug. 25, 2017, the Rohingya population has been subjected to extreme violence and has been forced to flee their homes. More than about 1 million of men, women and children are entering in Bangladesh for seeking safety by attempting to cross the Naf River. They’re struggling to survive without food; cloths, winter cloths, clean water, sanitation, health, hygiene and many are malnourished. Women and children are affecting seriously. Far from home and afraid for their lives, most are now dependent on aid for all their basic needs.

We apply for your support to life-saving assistance and relief efforts for Rohingya people displaced by violence and conflict, specifically in and around the refugee camps in the Cox's Bazar area of Bangladesh and in neighboring settlements. Your support will help survivors and victims get necessary immediate relief supplies like food and hygiene kits, as well as provide longer-term support through activities medical camp, child education etc. Women and girls have additional needs due to societal norms and cultural practice.

Our teams were on the ground in places. Now it is essential to provide food, hygiene and sanitation items, clean water, cloths and winter cloths/blanket.

We therefore pray you would be kind enough and accept our appeal and support to help the Rohingya refugees who now need your help more than ever.

We are looking forward to receiving your kindness response for those unfortunate peoples.

Donate for Women and Children 

Your voluntary donations (any small amounts) will be highly useful to improve the life and  livelihood of women and children of the disadvantage communities who are living in the ultra poor condition. 

You can send your donation in the following addresses:

Account Name  : WADA
Bank Name : Agrani Bank Limited
Account Number : 0200013743150
Branch Name : Bagerhat Branch
Address : Bagerhat Sadar, Bagerhat-9300
Country  : Bangladesh 


Contact to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.