Achievent for target groups: (Information till Dec 2016)

  • Empowered 600 adolescent girls on preventing on child early and forced marriage and established their rights 
  • Empowered 200 school drop out adolescent girls economically and back to school 
  • Empowered 1850 women socially economically bodily and establish their rights 
  • Building capacity of 1200 women and children for access to safe water and sanitation 
  • Motivated 350 youths and 1850 women on increasing food security and nutrition through agricultural production
  • Awareness raised of 1200 vulnerable children to established their basic rights and prevention of trafficking 
  • Motivated to 3500 rural household to use improved clean coockstoves
  • Builded capacity for saving environt and increasing food security of 200 youths (male and female) and established plantation and  homested vegetable cultivation   


Organizational Achievement: (Information till September 2017)

  • Registered under 2 government department and 3 international authority 
  • Network membership with 12 national and international organization 
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