Disaster & Environment


Climate Change and Disaster Preparedness


Frequent natural disasters induced by climatic change adversely affect the lives and livelihoods of Bangladesh and threaten to slow down, or even reverse the progress made so far in poverty alleviation. The Disaster and Climate Change programme was established as a consequence of lessons learnt while helping communities cope with the devastating effects of Cyclones.  


We are strengthening a core team with knowledge and expertise to review relevant risks, calculate probabilities, prepare contingency plans and lay out specific procedures for disasters. This team will deliver training on hazards, risk reduction and responses and use local knowledge and draw on international experience, to prepare WADA’s staffs to respond for emergency situations so that more lives can be saved and losses mitigated. Surveys of disaster-prone areas will be used as tools for resource allocation and preparedness.


Tree Plantation for Ecological Balance


Tree plantation, sapling distribution, awareness training on tree plantation among local peoples for safe ecology and reduced flooded.


Social Forestry Program


Social forestry program for safe environment, reduce flood, disaster and cyclones.


Clean Air and Safe Environment Program


This program planned for urban and city areas


Wild Life Conservation Program


Wild animal conservation program in coastal areas of Bangladesh