Empowerment & Rights

Women Rights & Gender Issues

Establishing woemn rights in workplace, labor rights, democratic rights, sexual and reproductive health and rights, property rights, land rights, education rights, prevention of gender based violence in workplace, ecucation rights etc.


Adolescent Girls Empowerment Program

Any adolescent girls under thisprogramshouldmarginal, low-income and poor background families who have some education and drop out from school. They have no skill to increase financial capacity in their family, no knowledge about their personal life, no hygiene practices, no knowledge violence of early marriage & dowry. Their age should be within 12- 18 years. 


Youths Empowerment Program

Youths under thisprogramshouldmarginal, low-income and poor background families those who are educated or uneducated. Their age should be within 15- 30 years. Main objective of the programme is capacity building and income and employment opportunity creation.  


Prevention of Women and Child Trafficking

The people living below the poverty line are the main target of human traffickers because they are most vulnerable in the society. They are easily convinced to have an opportunity of better income and the dream of better lives.The overall objectives are; to combat human trafficking through creating community awareness and ensure active participation of all stakeholders and creating alternative income opportunities for sustainable livelihoods.


Prevention of Dowry and Early Marriage

For poverty, vulnerability & illiteracy they have been facing and affecting early marriage & dowry. For poverty 11-18 aged girls affected early marriage by presser of their parents. Most of the parents are committed for dowry in cash. After marriage, if they fail to pay the dowry then the girls suffer much torture and at last divorce. Besides they suffer various health disease and mental presser.The operational strategies is creating community awareness 


Prevention of Child Labor

The children in the slum poor families are the most neglected and deprived section. Most of the children of school age are out of school and engaged in physical labour to earn a living for them and to support their families. Many children are abandoned or forced to work and/ or live on the streets. They suffer from chronic diseases, malnutrition, lack of food and shelter. 

Program objectives are; 

    ØTo capacity building of better living and ensure their security with regard to education, health   skill development,  and other economic opportunities etc

    ØTo influence and advocate policies in favor of urban poor and strengthen network with relevant stakeholders.


Transgender Rights and Empowerment

Advocacy, awareness, social, economic and democratic empowerment.


Advocacy and Good Governance

Advocacy and good governance program for powerless and vulnerable women in Bangladesh.


Human Rights Program

WADA’s aims to empower Women, children, disables etc to enable them realize their rights through education, food security, health, social and Human rights awareness by collective action. To provide a better future for the marginalized and vulnerable peoples communities of Bangladesh.