Food Security & Nutrition

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Reducing poverty and improving socio-economic status in disadvantage communities of Bangaldesh. Support to assist landless, marginal & small farmers, Sustainable market demand will be established field product of farmers. Income and self employment opportunities of the farmers increased. Livelihood of the poor farm families will be improved. Existing unutilized pond/ditches and Ghers will be brought under culture. Income and employment will be generated through fishery agriculture & livestock. Nutritional support will be increased for the poor families. Supply of animal protein in the local market and in the country will be increased. Capacities of the beneficiary farmers will be strengthen. Agricultural production will be increased.



·         Horticulture: This program for rural poor farmers

·         High quality Rice, Maize, Wheat Production Support: This program for marginal & small poor farmers

·         Bio- Fertilizer and Compost Fertilize Production: This program for marginal & small poor farmers

·         High Quality Seed Production: This program for all level farmers

·         Irrigation Program for Cultivation: This program for marginal & small poor farmers




·         Carp Poly culture

·         Shrimp (Bagda and Goldda) Culture

·         Monosex Tilapia Culture

·         Capacity development programme for fisherman




·         Cow Rearing Program for Vulnerable Families

·         Goat & Sheep Rearing Program for Vulnerable Families 

·         Backyard Poultry Rearing for Poor Women

·         Poultry Farming for Marginal & Small Farmers


Nutrition Program

Women and children of the disadvantaged area are ignorant about their status of health, hygiene, food and nutrition. They do not know how to improve their malnutrition status. Every year many children less than 5 years of ages have been suffering in malnutrition and many children are under growth, disabled and many has been died. The objective of the programme is following;


· To enhance the intake of adequate and diversified diets among young children, women of child-bearing age and households through homestead and community food production.

· To promote changes in knowledge, attitudes and above all, practices that will result in improved nutritional status of women and children under five years

· To increase the quantity and quality of foods with special emphasis on foods rich in micro-nutrients (vitamins and minerals) for target families and communities.

· Intensive nutrition education campaign aimed at diversifying household food preparation and consumption with a focus on diets of PLW and children less than five years of age