Water & Sanitation


Safe Pure Drinking Water Program

To provide communities with access to safe water, we have undertaken various activities, including development of a water safety plan, installation of deep tube wells, water quality tests and install piped water supply systems to provide safe water


Pond Sand Filter (PSF) Support Program

This program for safe pure drinking water and reduce water born diseases in saline and arsenic areas.


Rain Water Harvesting Support Program

This program for safe pure drinking water and reduce to water born diseases in saline areas and the communities is difficult to install tube well for arsenic problem.


Sanitation Support Program

Sanitation problem is a large problem in rural community in Bangladesh. We raise awareness on sanitation issues, which creates community demand for facilities such as sanitary latrines.  


Hygiene Practice Program

WADA know that installation of water supply and sanitation facilities is not enough to improve people’s health – good hygiene practices are essential. Our programme has adopted a number of practical approaches to promote hygiene messages that are based on socio-economic and hydro-geological conditions, culture and existing practices. Create awareness about the use of safe water, sanitary latrines and good hygiene practices. We involved religious leaders who are also key opinion leaders in rural Bangladesh, in hygiene promotion activities.