Full Name of the Organization

Welfare Association for Development Alternative (WADA)

Short Name of the Organization


Date of Establishment 

10 September  2011

Date of Registration 

01 November 2011

Legal Status

Registered, NGO Affairs Bureau, Ministry of Social Welfare, Department of Women Affairs 

Organization  Type

Non-profit, NGO, Charity 

Working Areas


Target Groups

Women, girls, children & youths

No. of Members under General Committee


No. of Member under Executive Committee

07 (07 Female)

Gender Equality

30% Male and 70% Female

Total no. of Staffs


Total no. of Volunteers


No. of Branch Office


No. of Network / Member Organization

13 (10 International and 03 National)

Leadership role 

Women headed and leaded

Main Contact Person

Nilufa Akter Eaty, Chairman & CEO, WADA, Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., Phone: +88 0468 64638 


 Last update 31 December 2018