Objective of WADA

Child welfare: Child of today is the future of tomorrow. So the organization will take all type of development activities for child welfare.

Youth Welfare: Youth is the backbone of the nation. The organization will provide all types of facility to encourage their working inspiration.  And it also will provide entertainment, recreation and voluntary training. Besides, the organization will help to develop their situation through leading their merits and power in right way.

Women Welfare: The women of Bangladesh especially in rural areas are empowerless, vulnerable and unfortunate. The organization will try to solve and provide to actual assistance, mental improvement and education facility. The organization will always work against combat of dowry and others violence.

Disabled Welfare: Men become mentally disabled because of suffering from various miserable conditions. He/she became physically disabled because of diseases or genetic problems. This organization will take actual activities to develop their condition who have suffered a lot for leading a depended life.    

Family Planning: The small family is the happiest family. The organization will encourage the illiterate people of the rural areas to take family planning through informing them about the benefits of its.

Recreational activities:  The organization will establish peace and discipline through taking actual activities against any kind of anti-social work.  The organization will try her best level to remove permanently all kinds of social violence as like stole, robbing, murder etc through providing the facilities of all kind of recreational activities among the target people.

Adult Education:  WADA will try to educate the uneducated adult people through establishing the night school. Appropriate step will be taken free of cost for adult education. The main objectives of this education are to develop and extend the agricultural activities so that the farmers can use modern technology and fertilizer properly. 

Welfare and Rehabilitation for free political prisoner:  When the political prisoners get release they have nothing to do in the society. They wander aimlessly. In this situation this organization will take proper steps for the welfare and rehabilitation for those free political prisoners.

Welfare for Risk children:  Now the children are engaging in various types of illegal work. One of the main activities of this organization is to release the children from those unlawful activities.

Welfare for socially obstructed people: This organization will come forward for the welfare of the people who are socially obstructed to participate in the developing activities.

Welfare for beggar and vulnerable:  A part of people of the society is engaged in begging and they are vulnerable. The organization will take various activities to stop begging of those people of the society.

Rehabilitation and welfare for patients:  This organization will come forward for the rehabilitation and welfare activities of patients.

Elder and weakling welfare:  At a time men become older and weakling for weight of age. They become valueless person of the society at that time. The organization will perform welfare activities for this Elder and weakling people. 

Education for social work:  Man is rational being. He/she should perform social activities along with leaving. This organization will come forward to provide education for social work.

Coordinate with other social welfare organization:  This organization is voluntary services organization. The organization will organize the activities through building a relation with other social welfare organization.