Objective of WADA

The Objectives of the WADA is following;

  1. Child welfare: Child of today is the future of tomorrow. So the organization will take all type of development activities for child welfare. The children are engaging in various types of illegal work. One of the main activities of this organization is to release the children from those unlawful activities.
  2. Youth Welfare: Establishing rights of youths, leadership building and various development interventions for youths group
  3. Women Welfare: The women and girls of Bangladesh especially in rural areas are empower less, vulnerable and unfortunate. So the WADA will establishing their rights as a human rights, empower them, advocate them and to develop their socio-economic conditions.
  4. Disabled Welfare: This organization will established disabled rights and take proper activities to develop their condition who have suffered a lot for leading a depended life.  
  5. Welfare for beggar and vulnerable:  A part of people of the society is engaged in begging and they are vulnerable. The organization will take various activities to stop begging of those people of the society.
  6. Elder and weakling welfare:  At a time men become older and weakling for weight of age. They become valueless person of the society at that time. The organization will take welfare activities for this older and weakling people.
  7. Farmer’s welfare:  To improving skill and capacity for agricultural production and providing technical and inputs support.
  8. Peace building: To prevent any kind of anti-social work as like stole, robbing, murder, preventing and countering violent extremism.