Why and How WADA

The project area Bagerhat stands on south coastal zone of Bangladesh is very remote and neglected. There are some villages for landless peoples.   Most of the families are very poor and living in vulnerable condition.  There are all type of peoples as ethnic, religious minorities, marginalized etc. Moreover the girls who live in poor families are more vulnerable for child marriages. Sometimes parents are given priority to boys to continue their schooling while girls are pulled out of school. If a teenage girl is not in school, parents are more likely to get her married. Sometimes parents hide their girl’s age and marriage register avoid finding out actual age of girls. For low enforcement of law some parents provide false birth certificates and perform child marriages.

A team of young women under the leadership of Nilufa Akter Eaty has been trying to solve this proplem and they established an organization named Welfare Association for Development Alternative (WADA). The organization was established in 10 September 2011 and got first registration from Department of Social Services (DSS) of government of Bangladesh on 1 November, 2011.

WADA has been growing and evolving into efficient and effective non-governmental development organization in the disadvantages areas of Bangladesh. From the beginning of its development intervention WADA started its activities only with the disadvantage rural community of Bagerhat district in Bangladesh where women and children was neglected and empower less.