Why and How WADA

The area from where we started our journey stands on south coastal zone of Bangladesh is very remote and neglected. Most of the families are very poor and living in vulnerable condition.  There are all type of peoples as excluded minorities as Dalit, fisher folk, religious minorities, landless, marginalized etc. Bagerhat as a coastal area there is prone to cyclone, salinity, sea upsurge, flood and other natural disasters. After cyclone SIDR (2007) and AILA (2009) the women and girls in this area has become more vulnerable and suffering acutely from various kind of violence, specially girls has been suffering child  and force marriage. They are not able to establish their rights and dont know how to establish it.  In this situation we a team of young women under the leadership of Nilufa Akter Eaty has been trying to solve this proplem and established WADA in 2011 and starting our work in 3 villages to establish women and girls rights.  The organization received first registration from Department of Social Services (DSS) of government of Bangladesh on 1 November, 2011, Department of Women Affairs (DWA) on 17 December 2017, NGO Affairs Bureau, Prime Minister Office on 04 January 2018.