Bank Management

For financial transaction Bank Account should be opened in any scheduled bank by the name of the organization. The information is following;


(a)    The mother account or all of them should be managed by the joint signature of the any two persons from chairman/general secretary/cashier of the Executive Committee or jointly by any one from above three persons and responsible Executive Director of the organization.


(b)   For different projects different bank account should be opened. That type of account will be managed by jointly two signatory from chairman/general secretary/any member of the EC board/Executive Director/Chief Coordinator/Coordinator or account officer. The bank account of project office or branch office will be managed by the two signatory from Executive Director/Branch Manager/Coordinator/Account Officer by the approval of the EC board.


                       Bank Account Information: 



Account Name  : WADA
Bank Name : IFIC Bank Ltd
Account Number : 4212789851041
Branch Name : Bagerhat Brach
Address : Bagerhat Satar, Bagerhat-9300
Country  : Bangladesh 


Account Name  :Welfare Association for Development Alternative
Bank Name :First Security Islami Bank Ltd.
Account Number  13100000028
Branch Name :Bagerhat Brach
Address :Bagerhat Satar, Bagerhat-9300
Country  :Bangladesh