On-going Project


01. Project Naeme: Stop Child Marriage Protect Girls Life, THE RIGHT TO BE A GIRL

Donor: Mundo Cooperante, Madrid 


  • To prevent child marriage from locally, nationally and will contribute to global effort.
  • All level peoples will be active for taking action to stop child marriage.
  • Dropout rate of girls from school will be reduced

Awareness, advocacy, leadership and capacity building training to girls, large scale public awareness campaign in locally, nationally and contribute to global effort. Aware and motivate parents/guardian, influence local key bodies and parents group for taking action, social media networking for girls, develop easy complain system etc.

Project Location: Bagerhat, Bangladesh


02. Project Naeme: Lacteting Mother Support Programme 

Donor: Department of Women Affairs (DWA), Ministry of Women and Child Affairs, Bangladesh 

Objectives: To develop capacity of vulnerable lacteting mother on health, nutrition, rights, gender issues and income generating activities. 

Activities: Provide training to vulnerable lacteting mothers on health, nutrition, rights, gender issues, reproductive rights, life skill development and income generating activities.  

Project Location: Bagerhat, Bangladesh


03. Project Naeme: Women2030

Donor: European Eunion (EU), Lead Organization: Gender and Water Alliance (GWA), the Netherlands  

Objectives: Strengthening women and gender CSOs influence on implementation of Sustainable Development Goals at global, regional, national and local levels.

Activities: Capacity building for gender assessment and monitoring of development interventions and policies at global, regional and local levels. Advocacy to ensure that national commitments to SDG and climate policies reflect local priorities and needs and involve stakeholders at all levels, especially the poorest women and groups. Outreach and awareness raising on local concerns and needs and grassroots initiatives to mobilize citizen's support and demonstrate best practices.


 04. Project Naeme: Support Program for Challenged People

Donor: National Disability Development Foundation, Ministry of Social Welfare, Bangladesh 

Objectives: To develop capacity of challenged people to establish their rights and improve life and livelihood situation. 

Activities: Provide training to physicially disabled people on life skill development and income generating activities, provide support materials, income creation activities and financial support for medical treatment.   


05. Project Name: Youth Campaign for Food Security and Nutrition through Agricultural Production 

Denor: MHE, Bangladesh  

Technical Partner: Youth Service America (YSA)

Objectives: Improving food security and nutrition of women and children through home based food production and capacity building.  

Activities: Motivation, awareness and training on Homestead agriculture, poultry, livestock and fish production. Hands on training to women on nutritious food production for pregnant lactating mothers and under 5 children.


06. Project Name: Poultry Rearing for income and nutrition

Denor: National Social Welfare Council / Ministry of Social Welfare

Objectives: Improve food security and nutrition status of vulnerable women and children 

Activities: Provide training to vulnerable women group on poultry rearing and provide chicken, duck and feed.