Project title: ICT Training to 200 Unemployed Women in Bangladesh

Project summary: By this project 200 disadvantaged unemployed unskilled young women those who have some education and dropout from higher education for their poverty, they will get the employment opportunity through acquiring skill training on computer, Internet, basic knowledge for job and will get job linkage to various job providers companies, organizations, bank, NGOs, government and also community ICT center will be established where women and girls will get the facility of computer and Internet use.

Need statement: The project area in Bagerhat district of Bangladesh is neglected, remote and natural disaster prone area. Computer literacy, ICT training is very costly in this area and not available in the community level, so the poor women/girls does not getting the opportunity to learn computer literacy/ICT. WADA has taken the initiatives for those unemployed women but has not enough of financial resources for extending support to address the issues which are important for the targeted women. It is very essential that knowledge of ICT are very essential to get employment opportunity at present digital world. We have communicated with some job provider organization (Bank, NGO, Com. etc) but they informed they are looking the person those who have minimum skill on computer & Internet.

Project Goal: By end of the project, 200 disadvantaged unemployed young women will get employment opportunity as skilled citizens through acquiring computer and Internet training and community women will access to ICT facility and disadvanted women will be empowered socially and economically.

Project Objective: Create employment opportunity of unemployed disadvantaged women through providing skill training on computer/ICT and provide access to ICT facility in the community to establish their social and economic empowerment.

Project Beneficiary:
Direct beneficiaries: 200 unemployed young women
Indirect beneficiaries: 200X5= 100 family members of direct beneficiaries
Job providers: 200 organizations

Project Duration: 12 months

Activities: The project will provide skill training on computer, Internet and basic training on gender issue and personal safety in workplace to unemployed poor young women their age between 17-30 and will provide job linkage with various job provider organizations. Physically challenged and person from female headed household will given priority. We will also establish community level ICT center where women and girls will get the facility of computer and Internet use.
Course duration: 6 months for each batch
Participants for each batch: 15-16 participants for each batch

Long term impact: Through this project unemployed poor women and girls will be skilled on computer/Internet, ICT, gender issues and personal safety, they will get job, family members will be benefited, Other school going family members will be able to continue their education, they will be economically and socially empowered, 200 poor families will able to remove their poverty status. Community people especially women and girls will easily access to ICT facility from community ICT center.