Case Study

Sharmin able to stop her child marriage and continuing education

Sharmin Akter, 14 years old and a student of class 9th. She lives in a very poor family, her father working as a day labour in fish field and her mother is a housewife.  She has 1 younger sister and 1 younger brother. She lives in Dema village in Bagerhat Sadar Upazila of Bagerhat district with her family. Dema is a remote village of south coastal zone of Bangladesh.


For poverty her parent does not able to bear education cost of their 3 children. So, they decided to stop Sharmin’s education and give her marriage. They arrange her unregister marriage with a 32 years man. At this situation she has communicated with our community volunteer and tells her heartiest history. After that we have included her in our adolescent girls group under Adolescent Girls Empowering Programme (AGEP). From AGEP she has gain knowledge and capacity on prevention of child early and forced marriage, women rights issues and gender based violence. All the girls in her group has gone to her parents and claim their appeal to stop her child marriage and continue her education. They has also gone to local key bodies and elected local government representatives. Finally she was able to prevent her child marriage.

The poverty is the main causes to stop her education. She has received on different skill and employment creation training including duck and chicken rearing from AGEP center. After training WADA provided her 10 ducks, 50 kg duck feed and shed materials on October 2016. After 20 days she got average 7 eggs regularly. Each week she got 49 eggs. She sole 40 eggs and rest of consumed in her family. Her weekly income from egg sale was 280 taka. Weekly feed and other cost 175 taka and her net profit weekly 105 taka, monthly 3150 taka till June 2017. Her 2 duck has died, now she has increased her duck from 9 to 15 and her present monthly income average 4,000 to 4,700 taka. She was continuing her education. She is also provided support her family and education cost of her 2 younger brother and sister.


Sharmin’s says, now I am very happy and thanks to WADA and my AGEP members. I will continue my education and will work for others community girls those who are at risk in child marriage and rights issues.


Bohoram Badsa & Tipu Sultan stop their begging and continuing education 

Bohoram Badsa & Tipu Sultan is two brothers, their age 12 and 10 years, their profession is street beggar. One day in September 2011 Moinul and Titas were waiting for bus at Kalikabari bus stand in Morelgonj upazila under Bagerhat district.  In this time two children Bohoram Badsa & Tipu Sultan wanted some money as beg. Then they went their house with them for meeting their mother Jamena Begum.  It was a tragedy and heartiest history. When we asked her, she explained her tragedy.  She became widowed 18 months ago with 2 sons and 1 daughter. All of them are children. Her husband died in heart stroke.

One day after they told their story with Nilufa Akter Eaty. She has gone to their home instantly and asked their mother Jamena about the source of earnings before her husband’s death she replied that ‘’before my husband death he worked as a day labor and fish farmer and earned a little money for my family. But after his death I have to do nothing, at present daily needs prices is very high, it is unable to me.  At present I have not any way to earn something for my children feed, education and cloths. I can’t any work to neighbor house or others because I have an 11 months old daughter. So, I stopped their (Bohoram Badsa & Tipu Sultan) education and engaged them in begging at our village market and bus stand. Otherwise I have to do nothing’’

We asked Jamena Begum, ‘’if we help you for earning, will you stop your children’s begging and will you send them to school for education’’.  She replied, ‘’ yes I will do it’’.

After 10 days we have provided her (January 2012) 15 poultry hen and 3 cocks, poultry shed materials and feed 100 kg free of cost. Besides we gave them (Bohoram Badsa & Tipu Sultan) education facility up to six months as like book, pen, tuition fee etc.

Bohoram Badsa & Tipu Sultan stop begging and they are going to school every day. Bohoram Badsa & Tipu Sultan stay in school 9.00 AM to 12.00 AM. After school 3.00 to 5.00 PM they are engaged in a small business like peanut sale and they earn every day 50-60 taka. We also have provided them primary business support. After 3 months Jamena Begum getting average 13-15 eggs everyday and she earned 90-100 taka through egg sale. After 8 months Jamena Begum and her sons earn average per day 200-250 taka. Their family expenses per day 200 taka and they can save somethings per day.

Now they are a happy family.