WADA Social Enterprise

WADA Social Enterprise is a new venture of WADA NGO lunched in March 2020 aiming to establish social business and poverty solution.  The 7 members of our enterprise already received training on the technology of low cost hygenic sanitary napkin production and distribution from the Ministry of Women and Child Affairs. We have already started our preparatory work and test production and distribution through our selected brand name “SHOSTI Sanitary Napkin”.  SHOSTI mean release or relief. 

The intervention for poor women and girls those who are using unhygienic torn cloth instead of sanitary napkin because they cannot afford the higher cost of commercial brands of sanitary pads, and because of traditional practice. This use of unhygienic material leads to various reproductive and gynecological diseases. Ther are 42% women and girls those who are living in high and middle class family are able to use commercial brand of sanitary napkin during menstrual period which value 90 Taka to 130 taka each packet/month. Rest of 58% women and girls those who are living in poor and ultra poor family are using unhygienic old torn cloths and suffering various diseases of uterus infections and school dropout. They will able to use if the value is 35 taka to 45 taka each packet/month.