Emergency, COVID 19 and Relief

WADA has been working emergency response and relief operation activities during natural and man made disaster. Our experience on emergency response activities as;

  • Emergency support for COVID 19 among vulnerable youth, funded by UK Aid, MJF
  • Emergency Aid Support among vulnerable girls response to COVID 19, funded by Mundo Cooperante
  • Emergency relief response to COVID 19, funded by ZAS, MHE and WADA
  • Winter Cloth Distribution among Rohingya Refugees, funded by local fundraising 
  • Soap and Mask distribution response to COVID 19, funded by The Pollination Project
  • Emergency food support response to cyclone Amphan, funded by MHE, WADA

Relief operation during Ramadan and Qurbani

We have been implementing ramadan and qurbani programme for those vulnerable people who are live hand to mouth. The activities as;

  • Food item distribution for Ramadan Programme
  • Quarbani Programme

For those vulnerable people we are placing our appeal  to donors for their kind cooperation and support.