Youth Development

Young people are the backbone of a nation and as the most important social force. They have an important role to play in social change through playing leadership role and community voluntarism.  Most of the youth face a variety of problems such as unemployment, lack of skills to match market demand and general feeling of alienation. Youth unemployment results in frustration and leading them towards harmful activities such as violence, drug addiction, misuse of Information  and Communication Technologies (ICT) and in extreme cases potential for radicalization. Another problem of youths is the different kinds of education being imparted to them in community and abroad.

WADA has been implementing different projects under this programme to empower youth, mobilizing community and contribute in social changes as;

  • Youth Action on Prevention and Protection to Response COVID 19, funded by Global Youth Mobilization collaboration with UN Foundation, WHO, World Organization of Scout Movement, YMCA, IFRC, World YWCA, World Association of Girls Guide and Girls Scout and The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Aware.   
  • Youth for Social Action, funded by UK Aid/DFID 
  • Youth for Building Peaceful Society (YBPS), funded by Manusher Jonno Foundation (MJF)
  • Youth Action for Saving Environment and Increasing Food Security, funded by Youth Service America (YSA)
  • Emergency Support Response to COVID 19, funded by MJF
  • Annual GYSD Programme,  Lead partner Youth Service America (YSA)